Summer Feeding Program

Though WSSB won't be having a summer feeding program, we are providing the following resources: There are a number of resources, in both English and Spanish from USDA. No Kid Hungry Texting Line - Families may text "Food" or "Comida" to 877-877 to find free summer meals near them. No Kid Hungry Meal Site Locator

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Talk O Tuesdays Family Resource Night

WSSB PRESENTS “TALK O TUESDAYS” FAMILY RESOURCE NIGHT For parents of children aged birth to 5 with blindness or low vision SECOND TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH IN 2021 from 6 TO 7 PM The Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) is hosting a virtual early childhood parent resource night every month in 2021.  Our

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BlindCovid website

What is Blind COVID? Blind COVID is a grant funded by the Washington State Department of Health that was given to the Washington State School for the Blind. The goal of this grant was to create and find accessible resources for people who are blind, specifically in Washington, but we hope we reach other individuals

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Starting the School Year From Campus

Being at a distance doesn't prevent us from being a community.  For many of our students, families, staff, and volunteers, WSSB's campus is a hub for building meaningful relationships that support our success as a community of learners.  While we're away from campus, our students will connect to their classrooms live using Zoom video, access

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Summer Programs

Check out some of the summer programs in the area!  Please note that due to COVID-19, some or all of these programs may not be available. Summer Programs: Overnight Skills Program (Independent Living Skills Ages 9-13 Youth Employment Solutions/Yes 1 (ages 14-15) includes career exploration, community service, daily living skills, and recreation.  CANCELED YES

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Pride Wall: Inspirational Music Essay by Angie

The following is an essay entitled "Inspirational Music Essay" by WSSB student Angie for a music project      Music is important because, it is an element, which inspires you to have a creative imagination, and music can also contain a variety of feelings, events, and as well as emotions that are within your own

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Fourth Quarter Distance Learning

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, WSSB is closed for in-person education on-campus through the end of the school year.  The last day of school is June 19th.   Updated student schedules were emailed to students and families on 4/17/2020.  Student's individual schedules are brand new for the fourth quarter.  For any questions, please email Fourth Quarter

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National School Counseling Week

Happy National School Counseling Week! This week is the dates of Feb 3-7 2020. At WSSB we have two school counselors, Miss Hendricks and Miss Thomas. A school counselor helps students… -learn strategies for focusing, keeping up, and organizing school work -manage emotions, build confidence, increase positive thinking -problem solve situations at home and school

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YES 1 – July 12-23

Youth Employment Solutions (YES 1) The current situation with COVID-19, and the potential need to continue to practice social distancing into the summer months, is impacting planning for summer youth programs like YES 1.  DSB has made the decision to cancel the array of in-person Summer 2020 youth programs that have typically provided intensive career

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