Pride Wall: Poetry by Illkay about her trip to the United States

The following is an art portfolio submission from our international exchange student, Illkay in mid-April, 2020

     Poem About The United States

It has been great in the United States

A really unforgettable place;

Here I met really great friends

And went camping with wonderful tents

Here I played goalball, tried hockey and skated on ice

I made wonderful ties;

Will I ever forget this year?

Not even if you gift me a new hockey gear.

I wrote this song because the exchange year I got to spend here, in the United States, is really unforgettable for me. I made great friendships, had great experiences, tried a lot of new things, and whatnot. This trip has been amazing.

    The poem about WSSB

Everything is really fun

In Washington State School For The Blind.

Just like the beautiful, smiling sun

Everyone’s so nice and kind.

With Mr. McCormick and Mrs. Langley,

All the nice students and staff,

I learn gladly

And get more independent, even improving my Math.

I wrote this poem because Washington State School For The Blind is a big part of my trip to the United States. It was really fun to experience learning in a school for the blind in the United States, and I am really glad I got to study in Washington State School For The Blind. I am really thankful that they hosted me and really appreciate all the students and staff’s support. I am also grateful that I made friends from school who I can stay in touch with even when I go back home.

    Host Family

My dear host family,

I love you so much;

I love your hospitality

And your brownies with fudge.

I am so grateful

For everything you did for me

And I am hopeful and faithful

That you know how much you mean to me.

I know you will always be joyful

Because you deserve it all;

For you are people loyal

In spring, winter, summer and fall.

  I wrote this poem because I am thankful for everything my host family has done for me. They took great care of me and made me really happy and comfortable at their home, and writing a poem about them is the least I can do. Even this poem cannot express how thankful I am. It all means a lot to me.

  I chose this theme because this trip to the United States changed my life. I met a lot of new people, I participated in things I had not participated before, I improved my English. I was hosted by an amazing host family and by a great American school. What else would I have wanted? I became more independent, learned more about the Americans, learned a lot of new things. I made friends who I will stay in touch with. My exchange year has been wonderful. Even if school is closed now and there is this virus situation, I am still glad that I spend time with my host family and their dog. I really appreciate everything everybody has done for me here.

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