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[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h1″ looks_like=”h1″]Welcome to the Pride Wall.  Incredible times call for incredible efforts.  Students are still learning and creating.  Through our distance learning model, students are given the freedom to express themselves and share with their peers, but WSSB would like to celebrate their work more publicly.  This Pride Wall is a public space to celebrate student work.  Consider it the display case of our distance education program during Spring 2020. [/x_custom_headline]

WSSB Old Main Drawing

student art work of Old Main

drawing of cheerleader with "lions" on shirt

student artwork 


Music Inspiration Vlog

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In the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost, he describes having to make a decision about which road to take.  He decides to take the road that has not been taken that much.  Taking a road is symbolic of making choices about your future.  You don’t always choose what is easiest in order to make the right decision.  The road is also symbolic of life, and you don’t always know what is going to happen.  I want to be a zoologists when I grow up and I would like to find the easiest path, but I want to make sure the path I take is right, and that might not always be the easiest path.


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The Fruit Expansion Virus (Script) Slide 1



       Hi, I am the voice of the future, coming to you live from 2027…Introducing…

Slide 2

The Novel Fruit Expansion Virus…or NoFEV

Slide 3

Brought to you by:

Henry—Visual Artist, Audio Describer

Micah—Technician, Narrator


Nolan—The “Isaac Newton” Vaccine


Slide 4

[show picture of virus by itself]

Novel Fruit Expansion Virus:

     Hi, I am the Novel Fruit Expansion Virus, or NFEV, a non-mutating virus. I’m a round, orange virus, with blue spikes to inject my DNA into a tree. On the inside, I am a yellow color with a red DNA strand.

     I’m called novel, because I’m from the future. I was discovered in 2027, so I am new to the host, and new to you humans.

     My poor, sad, host fights world hunger! I can vary between the apple tree, and the pumpkin. I start out in the mycelium of fungi by injecting my DNA into the cell as I enter.  

Slide 5

[pause to allow Henry to describe picture of virus entering cell]

Slide 6

     I take advantage of the symbiotic relationship between my three hosts: the apple tree, the fungi, and pumpkin. These three hosts have a symbiotic relationship because they help each other out. The apple tree and the pumpkin receive light from the sun and turn it into food for the fungi. The hairy mycelium of the fungi connects to the roots of the tree and pumpkin underground. It spreads out to bring water and nutrients to the tree and the pumpkin. I travel along the roadway of mycelium, back and forth, between the apple tree and the pumpkin.

[pause to allow Henry to describe picture of symbiotic relationship]

     So, I cause the fruit to grow as big as a pumpkin.

 Slide 7

Narrator: The NoFEV infects the plants at a rate of 1%. That means one out of every 100 trees are infected. Although it is fun to see weird things, our virus is a nice virus, and she chose a lower infection rate because viruses spread exponentially, and we want to make sure we can control her expansion effects with a vaccine. Control is important because:

Slide 8

Without control and a vaccine, too many infected trees would require more nutrients. This might cause depletion of nutrients in the soil.

Slide 9

With control and a vaccine, the apple trees will be healthier.

With control and the vaccine, there will be less harm to the branches on the fruit trees.

Slide 10

The weight of a huge apple might break the fragile branch, or hurt the delicate fruit.

[pause for Henry to describe picture of breaking branch]

 Slide 11

Additionally, if you were walking under an apple tree, and you did not consider a big apple and the effects of gravity, you might get hit in the head with a pumpkin-sized apple.

Speaking of gravity and apples, I would like to introduce you to our vaccine, the “Isaac Newton Vaccine”:

Slide 12

“Isaac Newton Vaccine”:

Hi, I am the “Isaac Newton Vaccine” to prevent damage or harm to delicate branches. I’m just like the Lorax, “I speak for the trees” because I want my trees to be strong and healthy. I was developed in 2029, two years after the discovery of the Novel Fruit Expansion Virus. People weren’t able to develop it quickly because the virus was so new.

This is how I work: I put a certain amount of liquids into the phloem of the tree. This is where the food travels to the rest of the tree.

Slide 13

[pause to allow Henry to describe the picture of the first and second attempt of the vaccine]

Slide 14


I want to make sure you know the facts:

The infection rate will only be at 1%.

Humans don’t have to worry about being infected by NoFEV, because it only affects plants.

A vaccine will help control the virus, and will keep plants healthy and strong.

The virus ends world hunger because people would have more fruit than if apples were just the normal size.


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My virus Story

PBL Deegan


Hello, my name is Lance Smith, I am a couple trillion years old, I was born on august 5th, 2017. I want to write the story of what happened before everything restarts. On October of 2025, I was around seven, or eight years old when it all happened. But I need to give some history lessons first.

We didn’t have any wars in the 20th century, that includes world war 1, world war 2, any post world war 2 wars, Korean war, Vietnam war, Persian Gulf war, etc. Due to the fact that anytime a conflict was about to happen it barely grazes us, unlike the other universe that is just like ours, except wars happened there. There were protests that caused mass death sadly, just no wars in the 20th century. The Spanish flu also never happened, this meant by 2020 the population was at ten-billion people and the earth was too crowded. In 2025 we were at twelve-billion when I became patient zero for a new virus called the S-virus (smart virus). later that year our new found intelligence figured out how to 3D print food, and water so now we are no longer fighting for food. February of 2026, we replaced everything with clean technology because everyone had S-virus. We figured out how to break down anything harmful to the earth upon that aswell. Five  years later humans pretty much got space travel down, getting rid of crowdedness from overpopulation. On august 5th, 2032 my parents, and I moved to a new earth like planet for my fifteenth birthday. On my sixteenth birthday I received my driving, flying, and hovering license. On December 3rd, 2035 my parents died on a flight back from a vacation to revisit earth, The worst part about that is just one month later NASA globally released a one use devise that cures aging, and death by one-hundred percent. In 2162, one-hundred-twenty-seven years later NASA discovered how to time travel, but banned it a week after discovery, and destroyed all time traveling devices due to the fear of changing the past. In 2165 all human civilization is under United States control. Two years later, year 2167 NASA goes into war with the United States to get the position ruler, and NASA won, soon after NASA renamed into NLISE (National Leader Inventor and Space Explorers). 2367 the human population is 7 trillion, we have the technology to mine stars for energy, now we can travel 100 times faster than the speed of light (thirty-billion miles an hour).

A detail I left out is a lot of these invention, I was a big help with to NLISE. That includes the year 2375 when I helped discover the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, which at that point all new flying car models have. I was assigned by NLISE to go to the universe’s boundaries to see what is there. When I arrived, it was a wall of white light, I flew up to it, to my surprise it wasn’t a barrier, but more open space, that is when I realized trillions of black orbs, I quickly knew they were other universes, they appeared to be orbiting this giant universe. Steven Hawking was right about the multiverse theory. We thought we discovered all the elements, and technologies, but now that we know there is more to explore, the technology that we haven’t discovered at this pint is unspeakable.

Billions of years later, we saved the universe we were from of dying, the virus is long gone, and no longer the reason we are smart. There are no newer homosapiens (Wise human) they have evolved into homoprovectus (advanced human). homoprovectus has a new skull structure, smaller jaws because wisdom teeth don’t exist, bigger, and heavier skulls to protect the brain, wider eyes to see in the dark, taller, a flatter stomach because humans don’t have the appendix any more, and only one skin color due to centuries of mix breeding. Today there are trillions of elements, no new technology, one-centillion (one followed by 303 zeros) humans, and we have done everything. People are always bored with nothing to do. Upon that you can only expand intelligence, not comprehension, and because of that there is one question we will never know, what was the pint of all of this. Since everyone is bored, and scared that there was no reason to this, people are getting upset of our accomplishments. So, right now I was ordered to go back in time in 2025 and cure everybody from S-virus to prevent us from thriving, .

Hello, my name is Lance Smith, I am twenty-five years old, I was born on august 5th, 2017. I want to write this story because humanity wont last too long. It all started on October of 2025, I was around seven or eight years old. Over population has destroyed this earth, no food, no water, due to the lack of wars in the 20th century. All the rich people abandoned earth and settled on mars, or the moon. Present day there are rarely any human because mostly everyone died, it now looks like a scene from the walking dead, except no zombies. The one thing I question is… what is the point of this?

Moral: benefits may not be as good as they seem on the outside