Pride Wall: Inspirational Music Essay by Angie

The following is an essay entitled “Inspirational Music Essay” by WSSB student Angie for a music project

     Music is important because, it is an element, which inspires you to have a creative imagination, and music can also contain a variety of feelings, events, and as well as emotions that are within your own self. Music is a special element, that may create strong and helpful communities, at any point in time, and at a certain place. Music is important and essential to very many people around the world because it can show feelings and events, with simply listening to its constructive illuminating rhythm and sound.

     Music is something which may be used to explain a story, or a series of historical events, which may be essentially explained through, either by using lyrics, some musical instruments, or even by using the feel and strength of silence, in order to determine the real sound of actual and wonderfully creative, which music may involve. Music is something that millions and thousands of people listen to, sometimes every day. For instance, you can hear the sound that music creates, when you listen to a special musical play, movie, TV show, or even when you are driving through town in your car.

     Music is something that has been used and as well as enjoys, for a very large portion of generations and centuries, as well as for a very long time. For instance, in ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would use some instruments, or tools, that they could find, in order to try to produce and construct the use and purpose of musical sound. The ancient Greeks, at the time, would use one of their instruments, called a lyre, to perform and to play music to their gods and goddesses, and as well as to others members of people around the small cities. By the way, if you don’t know what a lyre is, it is a type of musical instrument that was used during the ancient time periods. A lyre is a greek musical instrument, which is very much similarly shaped to a harp, and it contains strings. Since the lyre is a stringed musical instrument, with strings, you may play it by using your hands, or in more clarifying detail, by using your fingers and fingertips to pluck the strings.   

     Music is important to me because it is an important element that represents the culture where my family had originated from. Music is sometimes, or usually an element that is used, for different people, all over the world to represent and show their cultural styles and features, from the countries in which they had bee born and raised from, and from which they had originated from their great ancestors. For example, a musical national anthem is a very important element, and historical story, to a particular individual country. Since, an anthem, is something, which explains, in musical terms, how the country was formed and created during a series of difficult challenges and serious time events and time periods.

     Music is what forms, a union in a country, a community in a town, city, or state. The element of essential music is what many people, have and still use during modern and ancient times, to express their feelings, and events through, compositions of songs, with very eloquent illustrations, and sometimes powerful and motivating lyrics and personal emotions toward others in the surrounding or far away area. Music is a powerful form of united and singular elements, utility, eloquence, and especially, the wonderful elegance of sinister and creative effects of great sound waves.

      Music is an important element, which can help connect past times, with the modern present times were all living in now during these years. Music, is also, an element that is used to connect the whole world together, so that different people, from different nations and countries, may learn about other people’s history and the country as well as their own. Music is something that is very great to listen to, because it may give you some thoughts or opinions about the composition, and where or who might have perhaps composed the particular song. Music was made and created for the purpose to, learn how to have and use imagination, and it was also created for people all over the world, so that at any time or at any place, they may listen to music as a good and friendly way of manner to find a way to entertain themselves, and as well as for others who may be around them in their neighborhood or city.

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