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Travel and Expense Management System (coming soon)

Forms: (coming soon)

  • A19-1A Invoice Voucher – This form is used when an employee requests reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the State. This form cannot be used for travel reimbursement. This form is also used when a vendor requests payment for services and/or goods provided and has no invoicing mechanism of their own.
  • A20-A Travel Expense Voucher – Request reimbursement for travel expenses related to performing State business.

Need Assistance, Contact:

Amanda Pizzo  ext. 3317 – will be able to assist with the following:

  • Procurement of supplies and materials
  • Understanding the policies regarding travel and processing employee travel vouchers
  • All account payables activities, including purchases made with local funds, but excluding Visa credit card purchases
  • Inquiries regarding payment status for employees and vendors
  • Preparing and tracking contracts
  • Fundraising procedures
  • Recording of asset acquisition and disposal

Tesfa Amene  ext. 3316 – will be able to assist with the following:

  • Visa Credit Cards (Collection of receipts and processing of statements)
  • Out-of-pocket reimbursement up to $25.00 (Petty Cash)
  • Student meal reimbursement

Mary Sarate  ext. 3314 – will be able to assist with the following:

  • Financial budget
  • Accounting and Travel Policies

Human Resources

HR Management Report

Collective Bargaining Agreements

  • Most Classified employees are covered by the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) – General Government CBA
  • All teachers are covered by the Washington Public Employees Association (WPEA) CBA

Department of Retirement Systems

The DRS’ website will help you find information and offer different programs to prepare for retirement. Whether you are near retirement or it’s at a distance, this site provides an abundance of information for your retirement needs.

Thinking about retiring?  Check out the Retirement Planning Checklist

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Exempt from Civil Service Law

Job Classifications

Performance Planning and Evaluation

For employees to succeed, they need to both know what success looks like, and receive regular coaching and feedback on their progress. The Performance and Development Plan (PDP) is a tool for facilitating communication between a supervisor and an employee about:

  • The linkage between the employee’s expected results and the organization’s goals and performance measures.
  • The employee’s standards and expectations.
  • The organization’s commitments for training and development.
  • The employee’s progress, accomplishments, and needs for growth.

The PDP is designed to facilitate both performance planning and feedback for a specific performance period. Each new employee should have a performance plan when he or she begins. WAC 357-37-040 states that employers must use standardized PDP forms or alternate forms approved by the State Human Resources Director. Please contact Anne Baker, Human Resources Manager for more information about approval of alternate PDP forms.

Rules and Forms

Performance Management Civil Service Rules

Performance and Development Plan (PDP)

Position Description Forms

Performance Management Guidance

Washington State Employee Benefits

This website has information pertaining to medical, dental, and life insurance benefits, as well as additional benefits offered to Washington State employees through the Washington State Health Care Authority.

RCW, WAC, and Executive Order Reference Sheet

VERG (Veterans in State Government)

Washington Management Service

Employee Handbook


VEBA Trust is a non-profit, multiple employer voluntary employees’ beneficiary association (VEBA) authorized under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(9). VEBA Trust offers a funded health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plan available to public employers in the state of Washington.



  • Electronic Time Sheet System
  • Extra Pay Hours
  • In-Service Hours – Available at the business office
  • Leave Slip
  • Outside Employment
  • Overtime Request
  • Report of Accident
  • Time Sheet for first half of the month, days 1 – 15
  • Time Sheet for second half of the month, days 16 – end of the month
  • Shared Leave Request
  • Shared Leave Donation
  • Shift Change Request

Need Assistance, Contact:

Tesfa Amene  ext. 3316 – will be able to assist with the following:

  • All payroll related questions, which includes all activity that impacts your pay
  • Additional Pay (overtime, shifts, holidays)
  • Timesheets and Extra Pay Sheets
  • Leave Slips and Balances
  • Miscellaneous deductions
  • Tax withholdings
  • Work calendar
  • W-2’s


Learning Management System (LMS)


Procurement Training Notes

For those of you who need to take the procurement training, please login to the LMS System and enroll yourselves in the following courses via the course catalog:

  • WA-State Purchasing and Procurement Ethics
  • WA-State Small Purchases
  • WA-State Executive Management Purchasing and Procurement
  • WA-State Purchasing and Procurement 101 (4 modules)
  • WA-State Contract Management 101 (4 modules)


  • Making a CPS Referral: A Guide for Mandated Reporters – Large.mp4
  • Making a CPS Referral: A Guide for Mandated Reporters – Small.mp4  (Please note: This video doesn’t play on Firefox, please use internet explorer)
  • What is a record? (.mp4)
  • Safe Driving Video (YouTube)